Ethereum vs Bitcoin: ETH Recovers Sluggishly as Compared to BTC

Bitcoin is correcting up after a plunge near $11796, meanwhile, Ethereum is yet to see any notable price recovery Ethereum is still resuming a bearish momentum, hovers around $211 Bitcoin is in the buying phase while Ethereum is still carrying selling pressure Ethereum lacks positive signs in its price trend at present as the coin is bearishly below $300 since quite some time now. On the other hand, Bitcoin has covered a price span between $13000 to $9400 over a month. Bitcoin was well above $11900 when it opened yesterday. The coin surged to $11961.58, but the coin could not move above it and it saw a price fall. The coin dropped to $11666.18 with a decline of 2.47%. Here, the coin has found a decent support and BTC is steadily increasing from there. BTC has traced a bullish trendline from 15:55 UTC to 23:35 UTC yesterday, which has broken today when the coin tumbled to $11789. The coin is currently correcting up and is at $11804 at 07:17:48 UTC. ETH vs BTC Price Chart Ethereum was above $215 till 8:21 UTC yesterday, after that the coin saw a fall from $218.33 to $207.67 with a decline of 4.88%. The coin remained range bound from $207 to $211 till today morning. In the upcoming days, ETH could surge as high as $214.53 and then corrected down, as per ETH forecast. At 07:17:48 UTC, Ethereum was trading at $211 noting a price decrease of 4.48% over a day. Conclusion: Bitcoin may face resistance at $11,985.68 and support at $11,587.01. While ETH can see further resistance at $218.48 and support at $205.37. Ethereum (ETH) News