Ethereum vs Bitcoin: BTC Wins Back $10k Price Position, Will ETH Trade Above $250?

Bitcoin price reclaims its position above $10,000 BTC hits above $10,100, currently correcting down from there Ethereum also catches the bullish impact, trades above $220 ETH correcting down from $225.59 Bitcoin has tapped on upward price momentum since yesterday as the coin has climbed above $10,000. The price surge seems to have impacted the ETH price trend to a certain extent, as the leading altcoin also manifests a few major price rises. Yesterday, BTC had its opening price much below $10,000 near $9,676.19 and gradually surged to $9913.18 with an increase of 2.45%. At the same time, Ethereum price also saw a surge from $207.07 to $216.79 having a growth of 4.70%. After that, both the coins have been maintaining a steady uptrend.  ETH vs BTC Price Chart Today morning, BTC has taken a sharp uptrend and even went above $10,100 from its price around $9700. Resonating the bullish price move, ETH has also surged to $225.59 and is currently correcting down at $222.22 at 07:03:44 UTC. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has also corrected down but is above $10k at $10099.19 at 07:03:44 UTC. Bitcoin is still carrying selling pressure and is 8.61% lower than its 30-day SMA of $11,050.78. According to CryptoNewsZ’s ETH Price Prediction, the currency is also under selling pressure despite the recent and positive price moves. Conclusion: Bitcoin may see further resistance at $10,072.84 and $10,236.87 with a surge, though a price drop can take it to support levels at $9,647.89 and $9,483.86. Ethereum’s possible resistance can be at $226.48 and $235.41 support levels at $208.11 and $199.18. Ethereum (ETH) News