Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum Surges 15% In June; Records 90-days High At $361

Ethereum trading above $360 paves way for bullish trends Ethereum may cross $500 by the end of next few months Ethereum has been spectacular in this month and has surged hand-in-hand with Bitcoin. The next bullish trend will take ETH out of the $400 mark, and it may start trading above this value for longer durations. The current market performance of the coin is shining and the coming months will be better owing to global events, strategic partnerships and many technological developments in the pipeline to make ETH a preferred platform among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts. ETH Price Statistics: In the last one month, ETH has recorded a surge of over 16% rising from $273.47 to its current value of $317.21 as on 30 June 2019, at 06:11:35 UTC. The coin started slowly at the beginning of the month and dropped to $227.48 around June 10, but the coin started rising steeply after that and reached as high as $361. The ETH price chart as given below: The price of ETH (ETH to USD) is noted at $317.21 and 0.02654504 BTC The market cap of the coin is now $33,858,922,563 The 24 h volume is now $10,612,035,619 The ROI of the coin is noted at >9000% The circulating supply of the coin is 106,700,127 ETH Ethereum has been performing well since the beginning of the year, and the coin recorded its 90-days high in the month of June. The coin may start trading above $360 soon. Ethereum Price Prediction: Ethereum has increased from $133 to its current value since the onset of 2019, and the currency has shown over 2.5X growth overall. As per the market expert’s ETH Forecast, the coin may rise as high as $400 in the coming month and start heading towards $500 mark. The coin may cross $1000 mark by the end of the year but may need an additional few months of the next year to cross the all-time-high value of $1432. Two years down the line, ETH may start trading between $5000 and $10,000. Conclusion: ETH has been an outstanding currency so far and may provide a huge return in the coming months on both short term and long term investments. Ethereum (ETH) News