Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) Grows by 1.14% In 1 Day but Still Lingers below $192

Ethereum grows by 1.14% over the last 24 hours but failed to get above 192 USD. The next resistance may come at 195 USD. Ethereum gains 1.14% in the last 24 hours, but it is still below 192 USD. The coin’s a large part of the journey can be divided into four price change regime, and it had the highest value at 336 USD on 26th June. Before analyzing all four price changes, let us look at the current details of the coin now. ETH Price Statistics- Ethereum is ranked at 2nd position in the market with an ROI (Return on Investment) of 6,679.80%. The total number of coins in circulation stands at 107,474,751 ETH. The market cap of the coin on 26th August at 03:38 UTC stands at 20,645,974,563 USD. The value of each coin stands at 0.01842596 BTC and 191.54 USD. The 24h volume is 6,664,851,700 USD. ETH to USD Comparison- ETH Price Chart by TradingView Ethereum started its growth journey on 1st April, and over the next 45 days, it added 122 USD to the coin and reached 263 USD from 141 USD. It was followed by another hike of 43.48%, which added 101 USD further and took the coin to the highest point of the year at 336 USD by 26th June. But this growth could not be sustained for long, and it took a dip from there and reached 199.49 USD by 16th July. The latest major price change happened between 05th August and 26th August, and this took away 42 USD from the value of each coin and pushed the coin to be traded near 190 USD. The market cap of Ethereum on 26th July was 23,660,316,800 USD, and the value of each coin was 219.23 USD. The current market cap and the value of each coin have taken a dip of respectively 12.74% and 12.63% in these 30 days. ETH Price Prediction- Ethereum is likely to have a bright future, and it may touch its YTD high before this year ends. According to Ethereum Forecast, this month’s end may see some marginal growth hinting at a probable price rally in early September.  The details of the resistance and support levels are given below. Ethereum (ETH) 1st Resistance 193.0133333 USD 2nd Resistance 195.1866667 USD 3rd Resistance 198.2133333 USD 1st Support Level 183.8133333 USD 2nd Support Level 180.7866667 USD 3rd Support Level 176.6133333 USD Ethereum (ETH) News