Ethereum (ETH) Slumps By 1.23% In The Last 4 Hours

Ethereum declines in last 4 hours and heading downwards Ethereum to close the day again at $265 Ethereum has been testing the patience of investors since quite some time now and not giving any respite by trading above $280. The coin is caught in a never ending loop of moving within $275 since last few days and continue moving downwards now. The current market performance is the same as yesterday, and the day before, and the traders eagerly wait for a refreshing surge. Ethereum Price Statistics: As on June 19, 2019, at 11:30:03 UTC, the price of ETH coin is noted to be $266.51, and the coin has shown a decline of over 1.23% in the last 4 hours falling from $269.85 to its current value. However, the coin has shown an upward surge overall from its opening value of the day at around $263 but headed downwards again. Statistics 08:10:34 UTC 11:30:03 UTC Price  (USD) 269.22 266.51 Price (BTC) 0.02934024 0.02923655 Market Capitalization 28,611,495,125 28,352,723,213 24h volume 5,841,345,399 6,179,775,431 Circulating Supply 106,551,111 ETH 106,552,045 ETH Return on Investment >9000% >9000% In the last 4 hours, the price of the coin has declined, followed by market cap, but the 24 h volume and circulating supply of ETH has increased considerably. The ROI continues to be >9000%. Ethereum Price Prediction: As per ETH Forecast, we can observe that initially ETH is moving downwards and, it may close the day at or below $265, but tomorrow will be a new day, and ETH may revive back again to trade above $270 throughout the day without any sudden ups or lows.. The week may end on a higher note. Conclusion: Ethereum has been moving steadily and hence usually closes the day on a lower note given its last two day’s performance. Hence, holding on to it until the end of the week is a good option for the intraday traders. Ethereum (ETH) News