Ethereum Classic (ETC) Will Be Unputdownable As It Is Soon Going To Be A Complete Proof Of Work Platform

Ethereum Classic is an updated version of the original Ethereum. Both of these cryptos are similar in every way until block 1920000, because after that, hard-fork to refund the DAO token holders was applied. After this hardfork, these blockchains got divided and acted separately. ETC still has the same features as ETH. Current status of ETC: Current market value: 5.60 USD Current market cap: 617,837,198 USD Market rank: 18 Circulating supply: 110,241,871 ETC Price analysis of ETC: The above chart shows the following information- Present trading value: 5.60 USD Market cap: 617,739,376 USD 24h volume: 429,746,598 USD The same chart also makes it evident that approx. 1 month earlier, ETC had a trading value of 7.11 USD So, within this approx. 1 month, the value of ETH has been decreased by -21.23%. Future price predictions of ETC: ETC developers recently posted in their blog that revealed several stunning updates that are soon going to be launched this year.  One of their important updates is that ETC is soon going to be a complete proof-of-work platform to develop decentralized applications. The blog post also ventilated that earlier in January 2019; ETC Labs Core was launched to extend support and move the ETC ecosystem forward. During this development, the developers of ETC reached important milestones with ETH-ETC compatibility. Their added advantage was that the developers’ team got big by 75% with the inclusion of more talents. Various other technical developments are going on ETC’s blockchain, and these include changes to Mainnet and Testnet target blocks. The developers are also strictly focused on maintaining and providing high-quality network-driven software. They will also optimize the ETC network. Moreover, BTC has also announced that it will continue to rise this year so, that is definitely a positive impression upon the ETC’s future values. Considering this fact and all the amazing developments which it is going to usher soon, As per our ETC Price Forecast, we believe that ETC can trade around $6.70 by the end of this year. Conclusion: ETC is going to flourish this year inevitably due to both of its own potentials and also due to the fact that BTC will rise and the crypto market will also start to improve by the end of this year. Definitely, its worth investing on this crypto. Ethereum Classic (ETC) News