Ethereum 5 Hour Price Analysis: Roll up your sleeves as Ethereum may close the day at $250

Ethereum price surges in the last 5 hours, ROI drops marginally ETH may float at or above $250 within a week Ethereum has been moving fast and making constant progress. In the last 24 hours, the highest recorded price of ETH token was $250, and today it crossed this mark twice which indicates that the coin will be progressing in the coming days to float above $250 again. The market performance reaffirms this claim. Ethereum Price Statistics: In the last 5 hours, ETH price has moved upwards to peak to $250 and currently trading at $249.10. There has been an uptrend of over 0.2% in the last few hours. Statistics 06:40:44 UTC 11:25:29 UTC Price  (USD) 248.39 249.10 Price (BTC) 0.03122565 0.03124227 Market Capitalization 26,492,610,807 26,500,825,176 24h volume 7,507,667,235 7,773,170,970 Circulating Supply 106,455,522 ETH 106,458,130 ETH Return on Investment 8,685.65% 8,678.99%  As on June 12, 2019, at 11:25:29 UTC, the market cap of ETH has shown marginal surge followed by the 24 h volume and circulating supply of the coin. However, the ROI of the coin has come down from $8,685% at 06:40:44 UTC to 8,678.99% now. More activity on the coin is expected in the next few days restoring ROI value towards the higher side once again. Ethereum Price Prediction: Ethereum recorded a high of $254 in the last seven days, and as per Ethereum Price Forecast, we can see that the coin is reaching this target faster this time. ETH may cross the $260 mark by the end of the week, maintaining this pace. Conclusion: This is a good time for more and more ETH mining and earning profits daily. Ethereum (ETH) News