EOS’s Tremendous Fall Takes the Price to Quarterly Low

EOS price drowns during the intraday trading The price touches quarterly low at $2.37 EOS coin is currently dealing with extreme market pressure. The coin was spotted holding itself well in the past couple of months, but now the condition is disappointing. Yesterday, EOS began with heavy downtrend. The currency tried to keep itself with a marginal loss, but the price pullback brought it down. The price was seen dealing as high as $2.73 and as low as $2.45. The volume marked yesterday was at $2,906,089,979. EOS Price Prediction: EOS started dealing at $2.6984 during yesterday’s movement. The coin was spotted holding itself at the level, but the effort went in vain when the price dropped to $2.3914 by 10.97% from $2.6859. The currency price improved and jumped to $2.50. The price kept trading at the same level and dropped to $2.4394 during the closing. Today, the coin opened with a 1.76% fall. The coin touched $2.37. Later, EOS price recovered and jumped to $2.4595. The coin fell to $2.4004 by 2.40%. Amid the ups and downs, the price of EOS is currently dealing around $2.3968. EOS is slowly sliding towards the immediate support level at $2.36. There is a very thin possibility of improvement in the price. The currency is usually recommended for long-term investors, but keeping the current scenario in mind, the traders are suggested to hold on to their investment. Resistance Level Price Support Level Price R1 $2.64 S1 $2.36 R2 $2.82 S2 $2.26 R3 $2.92 S3 $2.08 EOS News