EOS Records 4% Uptrend in Last 5 Days

EOS may rise from $2.96 to a better state of trading in the upcoming days. EOS records 4% surge in the last 5 days EOS is a good investment this year. The coin has moved upwards for most part of the year. EOS has taken small steps in the first half but then also went as high as $6. The current market performance of the coin reflects progressive trends ahead. EOS Price Analysis: As on October 3, 2019, at 10:19:54 UTC, the price of EOS token is noted to be $2.96. The coin has recorded an uptrend of over 4% in the last 5 days rising from $2.84 to its current value. It started the week trading at $2.84 and went as low as $2.69 before picking up some pace to raise up to $3.10 again. It is currently trading below this value but is expected to have a persistent trade above $3 soon. EOS Chart By TradingView The trading price of $4 is the ultimate target for EOS to have a real and a serious Bull Run. EOS can also have some sudden soaring moments in the next few months when the coin value crosses the said target. This is a good time to plan long-term investments in the EOS token which may yield good dividends in the next few years. Bulk investments may lead to better profits. EOS News