EOS Records 12% Uptrend within a Day Trading above $3.60

EOS jumps to $3.61 within a day, recorded a 12% surge EOS may cross $3.80 mark by the next weekend EOS has been moving within the range of $3.66 since last 7 days and it may cross this mark by the end of tomorrow. The coin seems to be headed towards exponential growth and may make sudden leaps in the next few days. The current market performance indicates the commencement of bullish trends by the month-end. It may cross $3.80 mark by this weekend. EOS Price Statistics: Since yesterday, EOS has moved from $3.22 to $3.61, recording over 12% surge. The coin’s current value is noted to be $3.61 as on September 8, 2019, at 05:22:10 UTC and it may rise to $3.80 by the weekend. The coin has been surging continuously since yesterday and all set to cross new highs since last 7 days. EOS Chart by TradingView The price of EOS stands at $3.61 and 0.00034186 UTC The market cap of the coin has reached $3,364,127,590 The 24 h volume of EOS coin is now $2,262,102,031 The circulating supply has reached 930,810,371 EOS The ROI stands at 249.30% The highest recorded value of EOS in the past 90-days was $7.59 and in the last 30 days, it was $4.24. The coin can be expected to move between $3.60 and $4.24 for the rest of this month, but it may cross $4.24 at least once before the month-end. EOS Price Prediction: EOS started the year trading at around $2 and it is still moving above this value. The coin may not cross its all-time high value at $22 this year but may record the highest of this year at around $15. The coin is highly profitable and the best performance of the year is yet to come for EOS. Traders and investors must keep monitoring the movement of EOS for the remaining months of this year. Conclusion: Planning long-term investments in EOS is highly profitable soon. EOS News