EOS Price Takes a Heavy Plunge and Slips to $2.7

EOS takes a steep downward move. EOS is considerably known for having a stable movement when compared with altcoins of the market. This stable movement has benefitted the traders as it has mostly fetched profits to the investors. However, EOS is recently under huge market pressure. The coin was trading at $4 which took a plunge and slid to $3 and now is trading around $2. It is anticipated that EOS would be seen trading around a similar price range in the upcoming days until the volatility gets reduced. However, the current condition of EOS is very disappointing. EOS to USD Price Analysis: The data feed is collected from Bitfinex on September 29, 2019, at 11:33:45 UTC. EOS Chart By TradingView Yesterday, EOS began the day trading at $2.8. The coin started moving downward and touched $2.7 by 2.17%. The fall continued and took it to $2.6 by 3.15%. There was a recovery in the price of EOS which brought it to $2.8 from $2.7 by 4.40%. Today, EOS started trading at $2.79 and then fell to $2.75 by 1.25%. Recently, the price moved up to $2.9 by 6.72%. EOS was anticipated to take the price till $5 by the end of 2019. After the hefty drop in the price, it has changed the assumptions to $4. If we look at the current statistics, the market cap of EOS stands at $2,715,835,253 USD. The circulating supply is at 933,884,836 EOS. The 24hr volume is noted as $1,561,934,660 USD. The ROI is at 181.97%. EOS is a result-yielding coin. It is said that investment in EOS wouldn’t go futile and the investment would go best with long-term traders. EOS News