EOS Price Analysis: EOS Price Dropped by 5.89% as of Today!

Recently EOS partnered with Alphaa Inc., an IT-based firm in Europe in the VC ecosystem. But how is it going to affect the network of EOS is what we must look upon. Let’s see in today’s analysis Current Statistics of EOS The EOS price is trading at $3.4753 at 02:34 UTC on 22nd August 2019. It seems that the price might go further down today. The other essentials are as follows: Return on Investment: 236.28% Total supply/Circulating Supply: 1,025,158,668 EOS/ 928,458,662 EOS 24 Hour Volume: 1,702,267,491 USD Market Cap: 3,220,054,353 USD 7 Day high/low: 3.78 USD / 3.42 USD EOS to USD Price Comparison EOS Chart By TradingView Considering the data from yesterday, the first hours of the day seemed to be good the EOS coin price was trading in the highest touch point of $3.693 at 00:15 UTC. The price of EOS coin then dropped by 8.29% at 12:25 UTC with the trading value of $3.3869. The coin then surged in the upward direction by 5.29% at 00:03 UTC today with the trading value of $3.568. EOS price from then is dropped by 2.31% as of now. EOS Price Prediction and Conclusion EOS’s price movement is slightly towards the downside. So, it is anticipated, if traders invest in EOS from a long-term perspective, it will be beneficial to them to gain considerable returns. Starting at now, the pattern appears to heighten the upward way. The resistance and support levels are determined as below: Resistance Levels R3: $3.92 R2: $3.81 R1: $3.65 Support Levels S1: 3.38 S2: 3.27 S3: 3.11 EOS News