EOS Price Analysis: EOS Price Catches The Bull, Price Recovery In The Market

EOS Coin started with a bullish trend in the market. The coin is expected to recover soon, but the upsurge looks a little tremulous. The bullish trend of EOS is indicating that the coin might touch an intraday high, but it will quickly drop and play at a lower level. The upsurge is likely to be maintained in the first half of the day. However, the next half may turn out to be dull for the traders. The coin has given positive results to the investors, and the same is expected in the future. Block.One, the parent company of EOS is planning to get into new ventures which would lay a positive effect for the coin in the future. Let’s have a look at the year-to-day chart of EOS. EOS to USD YTD Chart: The chart is taken from Trading View on 20th June 2019, at 02:47:31 UTC for price analysis. EOS Chart by Trading View Summary of the statistics from EOS Chart: The price of the EOS is 6.88 USD. The coin is at the 6th rank in the crypto market. The 24hr volume of EOS is marked as 1,554,581,366 USD. The market capitalization of EOS is noted as 6,316,932,494 USD. The circulating supply of EOS stands at 919,839,925 EOS. Looking at the chart, the coin started at $2.6 with the onset of 2019. From 24th January till 23rd February, the coin climbed with a steady pace and took its first jump by escalating price from $2.4 to $4.2, the counters almost doubled themselves in this period exhibiting a growth of over 75%. Next significant hike took place in April, where the price moved from $4.2 to $5.7, reflecting a progression of 35.17%. Around 16th and 19th May, the coin touched $6.5 and created a double top shape in the graph. EOS price skyrocketed after the same and reached $8.5 on 31st May 2019. The coin couldn’t hold itself at the level and fell to $6.2. The coin is struggling to climb up and is currently trading at $6.8. If we compare the opening price, which was $2.6 and today’s price, which is $6.8, the numbers reflect a tripled from which EOS started. EOS Price Prediction and Conclusion: The coin is expected to touch $8.5 soon and may touch $10 by the end of 2019. However, the investment would be riskier if done with the perspective of drawing in 2020 because Facebook’s digital currency may affect Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to having a name backed by a massive social media platform. The best way to invest in the crypto market is to diverge the investment to deteriorate the risk. Hence, investors are requested to take precautionary measures before investing. EOS News