Eos Coin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Anchors EOS Cryptocurrency, Price Recovery Recorded

EOS cryptocurrency started with a bearish trend as many coins except Bitcoins were falling. Within an hour the price hiked and dropped too. The said drop is the pullback because of the market’s bearish trend. However, the price of EOS coin is on the recovery path. The price recovery is happening due to the Bitcoin(BTC) price surge. The entire day in EOS is expected to be valiant. The long term prospect seems nice with the EOS coin. The parent company Block.One is handling the blockchain issues which will help EOS to gain back the investors’ trust again. Current Statistics of EOS Coin: The chart of EOS Cryptocurrency is taken from Trading View on 14th June 2019, at 05:03:36 UTC for price analysis. Summary of statistics: The price of the Eos coin is 6.44 USD. Eos is the 6th coin in the crypto chart. The market capitalization of Eos is 5,925,679,373 USD. The 24hr volume of Eos is 2,070,529,459 USD. The circulating supply of Eos is 919,032,534 Eos. The Return on Investment (ROI) of Eos is marked around 525.18%. As per the chart of EOS coin, yesterday also the price started with a bearish trend but later caught up by the bullish trend. Within the first hour, the price of EOS shifted from $6.43 to $6.64, marking an increase of 3.26%. Later in the day, the price dropped from $6.5 to $6.4, giving a regression of 1.5%. The last major hike of the day was from price $6.5 to $6.6, marking a progression of 1.53%. Today, the EOS price also jumped till $6.5 but soon fell to $6.3, giving an impression of loss by 3.07%. The price has recovered and touched $6.4, marking a profit of 1.58%. Eos Coin Price Prediction and Conclusion: The EOS price is likely to show a fluctuating movement along the graph. If the price of Bitcoin kept moving up, then EOS can give positive results to intraday traders. Long term investors need not get bothered by the small bump on the road. The future of EOS is secured, and the investors are anticipated to draw high dividends. EOS News