Digibyte Price Analysis: Digibyte’s Future Benefits Seem To Have No Impact On Its Current Performance

Digibyte takes measures to enhance Cybersecurity solution from the network Digibyte records 19% downtrend within 5 days from $0.0127 to $0.0102 Digibyte has taken no time to become popular in the crypto world for its outstanding solution ensuring Cybersecurity and the firm has been seen taking measures to keep enhancing it. But, all of this combined together has not been able to impact the price movement of the token, which continues to hit the downward path as shown in the market statistics of the last 5 days. Current Price Statistics of Digibyte: In the last 5 days, DGB token is seen to be continuously falling and has dropped from $0.0127 to its current value at $0.0102 as on July 17, 2019, at 04:39:02 UTC. This shows a downtrend of over 19% in this duration. The coin initially surged from $0.0127 to $0.0134 and then started dropping steeply to $0.011 and $0.0108 in the next two days. It gained little pace yesterday to reach as high as $0.0122 but came crumbling back to trade further down at $0.0102 now. Digibyte Price Chart by TradingView The price of DGB token is noted to be 0.0102 USD and 0.00000108 BTC The 24h volume has been $1,785,575 The market cap of the coin has reached $123,167,631 The ROI now stands at 583.59% The circulating supply of the coin is 12,037,603,673 DGB The highest recorded value of DGB was $0.0120, and the lowest was $0.099 yesterday. The coin has managed to recover from the lowest value yesterday but continues with the crawling trends which have kicked in since the last 5 days. Digibyte Price Prediction: Digibyte started the year on a low note at $0.0104 and it has now reached further lower trading at $0.0102. This reflects the poor performance of the coin due to market fluctuations and the impact is really huge. Therefore, our DigiByte Prediction, the coin may recover and rise as high as $0.0120 by the end of this week. But it may take a little longer for the coin to reach $0.0150 again. Conclusion: As the prices are very low right now, this is probably the best time to plan and implement long-term investments in this futuristic token. DigiByte (DGB) News