Daneel Collaborates With Nem Foundation to Provide Reliable Data on Crypto Market

Daneel, crypto market data analysis, has partnered with the NEM ecosystem’s NEM.io Foundation. The update was shared with the crypto community through an official tweet by Daneel, followed by a detailed Medium blog post on 7th October 2019. The partnership will allow about 300 thousand users to have easy access to Daneel’s relevant data as the Daneel widget will be integrated into the ecosystem of NEM, disclosed the announcement. Apart from that, the collaboration marks the introduction of an advanced version called “Daneel Pro” that will let users access web terminal containing all of the Daneel’s features. The world of cryptocurrencies can be extremely tough to understand, which, in turn, increases the risks. Moreover, there are multiple traps and fraudulent schemes prevalent in the crypto market. The best cover here is to have access to improved market monitoring and the right education. Considering this, NEM chose to enter into this partnership so that it can benefit its larger community, notes the blog post. It should be taken into account that the NEM Foundation aims to introduce, educating, and promoting the use of the NEM blockchain platform on a global scale. With the Daneel Widget integration, each user will be able to access the best and the latest market news along with Daneel’s famous indicators: real-time data, trends, market sentiment, and even the price predictions. The users who opt for the Pro edition can enjoy all the incredible features of Daneel, as well as gain true market insights. Joseph Bedminster, Daneel’s Founder and CEO, expressed his excitement over their new partnership as it would provide them with new perspectives. Mohammed Darwish, Daneel’s technical support and cyber-security manager, said that he has closely followed the NEM project for long and wished to work with them. Since the NEM project aims to promote the blockchain technology, he thought Daneel could serve the purpose by offering valuable data to their users, added Darwish. NEM Foundation’s President, Alexandra Tinsman, stated that their collaboration with Daneel would allow important data to be delivered securely to their increasing consumer base at scale and speed. Tinsman was also quoted as saying, We truly believe in the ethos of this project, and are thrilled to be on board for this exciting next chapter of growth. The post also revealed that the Daneel Widget integration is “in progress,” and it may be in operation by October. Divulging more details about the Pro version, the post stated that the interface of Daneel Pro includes features of both the Widget and the mobile version, although it is considerably more advanced. Some of the features include Whales Alerts, classified articles, price prediction, and the capability of analyzing and reporting fake news. The subscription of the Pro version is for 13.99€ in DAN and 19.99€ in Euro per month. For the first thousand subscribers paying in DAN, the charges will be 9.99€, per the post. NEM (XEM) News