Dallas Mavericks Fans Can Now Purchase Tickets and Merchandise with Bitcoin

Since early last year adopting cryptocurrency has been in mind for the Mavs, when billionaire tech investor and the owner of the team, Mark Cuban indicated that fans would soon have the option to utilize Bitcoin to purchase tickets to the group’s games. Mark Cuban, one of the first billionaires to invest resources in a crypto venture fund, and the group’s owner, had recently opined that Bitcoin and gold are something very similar. Currently, the Dallas Mavericks are the second group in the NBA to acknowledge Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency, as a strategy for payment for merchandise and game tickets. The Mavs will use the BitPay as a service provider to process all Bitcoin purchases. BitPay, the most prominent bitcoin payment processor on the planet, offers the Dallas Mavs worldwide fans a consistent experience to buy merchandise and tickets with Bitcoin. Keeping fans in mind, the transition to acknowledge additional types of currency makes tickets and merchandise increasingly open to MFFLs everywhere. The future for digital currency is quickly growing, and the Dallas Mavericks will keep on driving the path into sports technological development. Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban said, We want our fans who would like to pay with Bitcoin the opportunity to do so. BitPay allows our global fans to make purchases with the Mavs seamlessly. Moreover, in a recent press release by the NBA group, it said that Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks would support Bitcoins as a strategy for payment. In particular, the group is enabling fans to buy tickets and merchandise online through an association with the cryptocurrency service provider firm, Bitpay. This move makes the Mavs the second group in the NBA to acknowledge Bitcoin. In 2014, the Sacramento Kings turned out to be the first to support Bitcoin. Bitpay was established in 2011 and is today the pioneer organization dealing with Bitcoin and blockchain payments. Its range of products empowers organizations to send and get cross border payments, additionally enabling customers to manage digital resources with the BitPay Wallet and transform digital resources into dollars with the BitPay Prepaid Visa Card. The organization has workplaces in Europe, North America, and South America and has raised over 70 million dollars from leading financial specialists, which includes Aquiline Technology Growth, Founders Fund, and Index Ventures. Bitcoin News