Coineal Announces the Listings of Multiple Coins in the Days to Come

Coineal is a Global Trading Platform for digital asset exchange established in early 2018. The company has been integrating a ton of cryptocurrency onto its platform these days to maximize its reach to the mass. Multiple announcements for listings have been dropped via Coineal’s handle on the social media of Twitter in the past couple of days. NVL (Nevula), YTA (YottaCoin), GDEM (TEN Token), PDATA, SSX, WPX (WalletPlusX), are among some of the tokens that have been recently announced for new listings or presales on the platform. YTA (YottaCoin) to be listed on Coineal soon with deposit and withdrawal to be made accessible from 7:00 May 10 (UTC) and YTA/USDT trading from 7:00 May 12 (UTC). A blockchain storage public chain- YottaChain is built by Wang Donglin and has gained expertise in blockchain storage core technology with more than 200 domestic and foreign patented technologies to its name. According to a tweet by Coineal, a presale for GDEM (TEN Token) will be taking place on Coineal Launchpad starting on 8:00 May 20 (UTC) and ending on 8:00 May 23. GDEM will be listed on Coineal after the completion of the presale with the confirmed date of listing to be announced later on. On May 7, NVL (Nevula)- was announced to be listed on Coineal with deposit and withdrawal to have been available from 3:00 May 6 (UTC) and NVL/USDT trading from 6:00 May 9 (UTC). Nevula can be used for digitalizing assets using digital identity or blockchain technology, and with the use of smart contract, the digital asset can be managed by oneself. Another tweet regarding the recent developments on the platform say that SSX (SOMESING EXCHANGE) will be available for a presale on Coineal Launchpad starting on 11:00 May 18 (UTC) and ending on 11:00 May 19 (UTC). The listing will be declared on Coineal after the end of the presale. SOMESING is an online Karaoke Platform which allows users to sing for free and obtain rewards through the tokens collected in the song content by support and gift. A presale for WPX (WalletPlusX) has also been announced on Coineal Launchpad starting on 6:30 May 9 and ending on 6:30 May 22 (UTC). WPX will be listed on Coineal post the presale end with WPX/BTC trading to be available from 8:30 June 11 (UTC). More information regarding these assimilations can be obtained through the Company’s blog posts. Adamant on equal emphasis on localization as on globalization, Coineal has branches in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, etc. Coineal