CODEO Introduces Digital Token by Using Ethereum ERC 20 Technology

CODEO, a decentralized peer-to-peer system, has entered into a new digital payment era by providing fast and secure transactions. CODEO introduces a digital asset using the blockchain technology that allows a user to make payment and investment in CODEO tokens. Archidax is well-known crypto and digital currency exchange that helps traders in exchanging tokens by using the blockchain technology. It offers traders various things like access, speed, security, convenience, and facility to make transactions and trade. Archidax is a crypto-based exchange industry established by banking and financial experts. There are many benefits of using digital assets by CODEO: Assurance of $1 Price: If the price of CODEO falls in the market below $1, then it offers a guarantee of $1 price. The Five Angels Investment Holding CODEO company provides a guarantee of $1 buyback whenever the user makes a transaction at Archidax Exchanges. Interest Rate of 2% Yearly: The company provides a 2% interest rate that will automatically be added to the wallet on June 7 every year. CODEO is encouraged by well ecosystem technology like Archidax Exchanges and Incubator Program. Archidax supported many investors and boosted the trading and quality of transactions by providing the following services: Listing of Token: Archidax offers an opportunity to the token developers to combine and trade their coins. It is essential to have a community, and they should be listed in the minimum one exchange. or should affiliate the token developer. Archidax asked to pay between 0.5 BTC to 1.5 BTC, and developers must use the CODEO token to list their coin. IEO (Initial Exchanges Offering): The IEO sells the tokens to the investors who can buy the token from the coin developers. The traders need to purchase these token from ICO before trading their tokens at the exchanges. Archidax provides an opportunity to exchange the investor’s tokens into the CODEO token. Voting: In Archidax Selection Team, token developers can list at Archidax with no fees by voting. A developer can list one viable token at Archidax if it gets the highest number of votes. For listing token, a minimum of 2500 votes is required. Every investor can participate in the voting of listing token by paying 0.5 CODEO per vote. According to the terms, one account can only give one vote in a month. Digital Stocks (D-Stocks): One can purchase digital stocks of the companies at Archidax. The stock buyer can access the data and performance of the company. The digital shares can be transferred using the CODEO token at Archidax. CODEO token is created using a secure and decentralized Ethereum ERC 20 blockchain technology that allows safe transactions and trading. It has the same concept as Binance to support its activities with the Binance coin (BNB). The CODEO token is different from other tokens that are combined with all the transactions. The token will be considered as internal currency and a utility token. It will be used in trading on big exchanges globally like Binance, Catex, Huobi, BitFinex, etc. Cryptocurrency News