Chilean Multiexport Foods Developing Blockchain Solution for Traceability of Salmon

Chilean Multiexport Foods is developing a blockchain-based solution that will enable customers to trace the origin of its salmon sold at various outlets, just by scanning a QR code. The firm started by salmon farmer and processor in 2017 to find ways of integrating technologies like Blockchain, Artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) with its processes. It has created a remote feeding facility for salmon using Artificial Intelligence and a video system wherein salmon at multiple farming centers are fed from a central office, which subsequently cuts down the workforce required for manual feeding. Waterbodies such as lakes and rivers get easily polluted due to various industries dumping their liquid waste, which contains dangerous chemicals that are consumed by fishes that become their carriers. If humans eat such fishes, the chemicals can enter the human body and cause diseases and other health complications. In contrast, fish reared in fishing farms will not be exposed to such harmful chemicals. Thus, customers can use Multiexport’s traceability solutions to ensure that the salmon that they are consuming has come from clean and pure surroundings and is not contaminated with chemicals. Blockchain News