Chainlink (LINK) Price Indicates Bullish Trend on the Intraday Trading

Chainlink is counted among the top result-yielding coins of the market. The currency was seen touching astounding highs in the first two quarters. The downtrend started in the third quarter. Today, the LINK coin tried to trade upwards in the opening hours, but soon realized a pullback. The currency is strolling to keep the bullish trend alive. The intraday traders might close with a profitable digit, but the possibility seems thin. If coin falls under pressure, then the price would be able to revive in the intraday. Chainlink Price Analysis: Yesterday, LINK coin started dealing at $2.7733. The price slipped to $2.6670 by 3.83%. Further, the coin recovered and went up to $2.7291 by 2.33%. Chainlink’s price slipped again and touched $2.6958 by 1.21%. The currency moved upwards again and reached $2.7419 by 1.71%. Later, the coin closed the day at $2.7457. The overall intraday movement in LINK coin reflected regression of 1.01%. Today, the price escalated to $2.7805 by 1.27%. Recently, Chainlink’s price started falling and slipped to $2.7459 by 1.11%. LINK Chart By TradignView The current market scenario of Chainlink is likely to keep the price moving up and down. The price is at $2.7459. The coin seems to be slipping towards the immediate support level at $2.7. Following is the list of calculated resistance and support levels: Resistance Level Price R1 $2.79 R2 $2.83 R3 $2.88 Support Level Price S1 $2.7 S2 $2.65 S3 $2.61 Based on LINK Coin Price Prediction, Chainlink is speculated to give great results in the coming days. The currency is recommended for long-term traders. The same would bring the maximum result to the traders. Chainlink (LINK) News