Cardano Price Escalation Helps to Regain the Momentum; Coin Deals at $0.046

Cardano (ADA) price uptrend takes a steep move.  The coin is expected to keep the uptrend intact.  The crypto market opened today with a huge uptrend. Cardano caught up with the market trend and also moved upward. The escalation started speeding up within the first few hours. The coin has embarked a huge recovery. We are speculating that it would stick around and help the traders to turn their losses into profits.  Now, to understand the momentum more precisely, let’s have a look at the intraday chart.  Current Statistics of Cardano (ADA): The Trading View chart is taken on 8th September 2019 at 09:55:02 UTC for price analysis.  Cardano Chart by TradingView Yesterday, the coin opened at $0.044. Later, the coin slipped from $0.044 to $0.043 by 0.99%. Further, the coin jumped from $0.043 to $0.046 by 4.67%. The coin touched at high at $0.0466. The coin closed at $0.046. The progression of the intraday price was noted as 3.95%. Today, the coin started the day at $0.046. The coin escalated from $0.046 to $0.047 by 3.06%. Summary of the statistics:  The price of Cardano is 0.046770 USD.  The return on investment is marked as 117.71%.  The circulating supply is noted as 25,927,070,538 ADA.  The 24hr volume of the coin is at 50,725,407 USD. The market cap stands at 1,223,628,399 USD. Cardano Price Prediction and Conclusion:   Cardano (ADA) currently impresses the traders with its ongoing momentum. The coin has revived its pace and returned to the 11th rank in the crypto market (as per CoinMarketCap). The coin has a high prospect of giving the flourishing results. The investment plan for ADA should of long term. The short term investment in ADA might be risky or less profitable. Cardano (ADA) News