BlockchainArmy Proudly Joins the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) Team

Blockchain is not only the latest buzzword in the IT realm, but this neoteric technology’s immense potential for social welfare has also become the epicenter of interest for philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and related non-profits. And propelling the blockchain movement is the purpose of Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC), a community that brings together government officials, leading NGOs, charities, think tanks, investors, technologists, and innovators with a unanimous goal off harnessing the power of blockchain-based solutions to address pressing global challenges. Now, excited to be one of the latest members of the BSIC family is global blockchain-based solutions provider—BlockchainArmy. The firm has not only been actively advocating blockchain and its products, but it has also developed quite a spectrum of successful blockchain-powered solutions for the IT industry, governments, as well as supranational organizations. In a press release shared by BlockchainArmy, the company’s chairperson, Erol User, and COO Ali Sina User shared their excitement to be part of BSIC. The joint statement by these two co-founders states, BlockchainArmy is proud to join BSIC to support the development and implementation of blockchain technology to address sustainability challenges. Leveraging the prowess of blockchain to create meaningful change in the society, BlockchainArmy offers a diverse array of solutions that guides companies through the entire process of creating whitepaper to funding websites designed for the international integrated digital marketing campaign, security audit, liquidation to cover talent expenses, and even signing them up on global exchange markets. From payments gateways to digital identity management to ICO solutions, BlockchianArmy’s state-of-the-art services offerings cover the entire gamut of blockchain support that is needed to skyrocket today’s startups. Like other participants of the BSIC, BlockchainArmy also believes in the fact that blockchain is inherently democratic, running on absolutely autonomous transparency and trust systems. The technology is undoubtedly the need of the moment, especially for organizations trying to bring a change in the socio-economic landscape in developing countries. Corruption, the main reason behind stalled development in most Third World countries, are likely to be checked through “consensus governance.” Other functions of blockchain-like clearinghouse and settlement could be applied to remittance transfers, to drastically bring down costs while making way for faster transaction speeds. The collaborative BSIC community of impact-focused entrepreneurs and investors help bring to the forefront a bunch of cutting-edge blockchain solutions that are poised to mitigate this era’s global, social, and environmental issues. This evolution of technology and information towards a decentralized future just gained more momentum by having BlockchainArmy on board.