Blockchain-focused Fintech Firm Peertec Teams Up With Penta Security

Leading blockchain-centered fintech firm, Peertec has broadcasted the news of its strategic partnership with highly reputed web and data security products provider, Penta Security. Based on the announcement made on October 15, 2019, the two unprecedented market leaders have collaborated to substantiate security mechanisms on Peertec’s Global Digital Asset and Currency or GDAC cryptocurrency exchange. It also aims to strengthen infrastructural security on the blockchain network. Peertec introduced the world’s first blockchain-based derivative solution, Grow, curated for tokenized asset management on July 30, 2019. The company is striving to scale up the security of the node on its flagship product ‘GROW.’ Peertec’s brainchild, GDAC cryptocurrency exchange, is secured by an elite team of professional security engineers, led by the former Security Officer of the Ministry of National Defense. With no cases registered about hacking or intruding attacks on the platform since its inception past two years, GDAC has undoubtedly evolved as one of the most trustable exchanges in the domain. Also, the GROW service is inducing more customer involvement on the platform.  Apart from the crypto exchange network, the company also fosters asset management and custody services along with an efficient B2B payment solution. The notable CEO of Peertec, Ash Han, shared his overwhelmingness while describing about the crucial participating by saying that “We are excited to cooperate with Penta Security, which is a well-known professional security services company that has 21 years of experience in the industry.” He further added that “The security on the products and services that GDAC exchange and Peertec offer will be strengthened, building the level of trust in the cryptocurrency market, and keep users’ assets more safe and secure.” Through the partnership with Peertec, which is a company that is rapidly expanding and growing in the blockchain fintech industry, we will expand the scope of our security technologies to the blockchain industry, quoted CEO of Penta Security, Seokwoo Lee. Mr. Lee also stated that As a professional security services company, Penta Security will lead to building a safe and sustainable Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem. About Penta Security: Penta Security has established itself as a well-known professional security service providing a platform that offers products, solutions, and advanced services for enterprises, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain. The wide range of services and products provided by the firm include web application firewalls, encryption authentication, car security, and blockchain. It also renders the users to enjoy the benefits of a blockchain wallet named “Pallet,” which operates as a decentralized finance solution aiding the requirements of both individuals as well as enterprises. Blockchain News