Bitcoin Vs. Ripple: Ripple (XRP) Follows Bitcoin (BTC) Surge Trend To Reach The $0.50 Mark

Ripple’s future plans may result in XRP’s growth trajectory from now onwards Bitcoin may cross $11,000 once again and float above it for more days Both Ripple and Bitcoin are built to reshape the financial transactions and the currencies are largely being adopted by global organizations to ease the money transfer process. This will result in steep growth curves for both XRP and BTC in the imminent future and mass adoption is also not far away. The currencies are growing with each passing day and the current market performance reassures a sustainable future for the currency holders who can now easily invest for the long term. Ripple – Bitcoin Price Statistics: As on June 23, 2019 at 09:46:37 UTC, BTC is trading at $10,588.94 and XRP is trading at $0.47 and both coins are rising upwards. In the last 5 days, while XRP showed an uptrend of over 11% rising from $0.42 to its current value, BTC coin surged by 16% rising from $9109.77 to its current value. XRP also reached as high as $0.50 in the same time period while BTC peaked as high as $11,157. Statistics Ripple (XRP) Bitcoin (BTC) Price  (USD) 0.47 10588.94 Price (BTC) 0.00004466 – Market Capitalization 20,435,474,086 191,483,031,775 24h volume 3,392,630,378 25,822,469,462 Circulating Supply 42,501,950,124 XRP 17,774,787 BTC Return on Investment 7,917.60% 7,862.10%  The price of XRP has finally started moving upwards in accordance with Bitcoin and showed a surge almost at the same time period. The coins may grow further in the coming week and while XRP may rise above $0.50, BTC may also trade above $11,000 for a longer duration. Ripple – Bitcoin Price Prediction: Both XRP and Bitcoin have a bright future and both coins can grow immensely in this year which seems to be a favorable year for the cryptocurrencies. While XRP may grow as high as $0.90 by the year end, Bitcoin may cross the $15,000 mark. Conclusion: Long-term investments in XRP and BTC now is advisable as both coins are highly secure and may result in good returns in the future even on a smaller investment. Ripple (XRP) News