Bitcoin vs. Ripple: BTC Moves Steadily Whereas XRP Books Profit Since Yesterday

The ongoing quarter has given a hard blow on the chests of the traders. There have been days when the market was seen crashing, but there were few coins which kept the hopes of the investors high in such hard times. Bitcoin and Ripple are few of the top players in the crypto market, which spiked the hope among the traders to stick around and wait for the better days. For now, BTC is behaving a little cautious, but XRP is trying to hit a big digit. Bitcoin vs. Ripple Price Chart Bitcoin started yesterday with a slight drop in the price. The counters switched from $10,434.90 to $10,419.09 by 0.15%. BTC price continued the drop and maintained the momentum at $10,300. Further, the fall increased and moved the price from $10,321.57 to $10,166.068 by 1.49%. There was an immediate recovery in the price which took BTC to $10382.19 by 2.13%. Today, there was again a slight fall experienced in the coin. Bitcoin price changed from $10382.19 to $10287.30 by 0.91%. Ripple has a different story altogether. Yesterday, XRP coin started at $0.254 and kept it tight at the same level until the price dropped to $0.25298 from $0.25482 by 0.75%. Further, the escalation took place and XRP price switched from $0.25298 to $0.256053 by 1.21%. There was another inclination experienced which took the price to $0.256099 from $0.254026 by 0.82%. The intraday progression was of 0.28% in XRP. Today, the coin opened with a slight uptrend of 0.16%. Ripple price jumped from $0.2552 to $0.2556. There was a pullback in the price of the XRP coin, but yet again it is dealing at $0.25513. BTC vs. XRP Price Prediction Bitcoin and Ripple are the top performers of the market. They have never failed the expectations of the traders. We are positive that the coins will continue with the same reputation. The intraday chart might not be very impressive, but the future of the currencies is believed to be flourishing. Ripple (XRP) News