Bitcoin vs. Litecoin: BTC Price Trend Seems Disturbed; LTC Reflects Growth in the Price

Bitcoin and Litecoin are among the big forces of the crypto market. Both the coins hold high expectations and the traders look up to their investments for huge profits. Well, BTC is not holding uptight lately and hence, there is a slight shift in the price of the coin. However, Litecoin has reflected a great momentum. It has kept it tight and steady, which indicates that the investment in the coin would go a long way. BTC vs. LTC Price Comparison: The chart is data feed from Bitfinex as on September 18, 2019, at 10:33:07 UTC. Bitcoin vs. Litecoin Price Chart Bitcoin opened the day trading around $10,300. Later, BTC price dropped from $10,250 to $10,169 by 0.82%. However, there was an immediate upsurge in the price of Bitcoin. This time the price went up to $10,263 from $10,169 by 0.92%. Another upsurge in the coin took the price from $10,204 to $10,305 by 1.01%. Bitcoin closed the trading day at $10,211 with an intraday fall of 0.81%. Today, the coin started with a jump in the price as it switched from $10,211 to $10,277 by 0.64%. Recently, the BTC price fell by 0.77% when it dropped from $10,254 to $10,174. Litecoin began with a moderate movement. In the later hours, the price jumped from $72 to $78 by 8.01%. The currency closed at $74 with an intraday escalation of 1.92%. Today, Litecoin moved up within the opening hours. The escalation took LTC to $77 from $74 by 3.82%. Bitcoin and Litecoin have reflected a marvelous price movement in the first two quarters. The third quarter brought a lot of volatility in Litecoin due to which LTC couldn’t keep the uptrend locked. However, Bitcoin managed itself in the fall and hovered between $9,000 and $10,000. If we compare Bitcoin and Litecoin statistics, market cap of BTC is at $183,329,858,494 and LTC is at $4,799,384,318. The circulating supply of BTC is 17,942,987 BTC and LTC is 63,281,304 LTC. The 24hr volume of BTC is $16,268,478,246 and LTC is $3,347,669,808. The investment in Bitcoin and Litecoin would surely bring profit to the traders. Both the currencies would go best with the long-term investment. It would give the investors a colossal profit in the future. However, you can also go through Litecoin Prediction and BTC prediction before investing your hard-earned money in them to ensure about returns that you will get in the future. Litecoin News