Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum: Both The Cryptos Move Towards Having A Positive Price Trend

Recently US President Donald Trump stating his views, mentioned that he is not a big fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In his tweet, he wrote that the crypto space is backed by ‘a thin air.’ Again on the same day, the Chief of Federal Reserve also mentioned the altcoin. Additionally, Ethereum Geth v1.9.0 has been released with a horde of changes and features. BTC – ETH Price Current Statistics (On July 12, at UTC 08:45): Parameters Ethereum (ETH) Bitcoin (BTC) Price (USD) 274.78 11640 ROI > 9000% 8,318.28% Market Rank 2nd 1st Market Capitalisation 28,979,496,357 USD 202,883,563,804 USD 24 Hour Volume 10,085,877,312 USD 28,332,081,911 USD Circulating Supply 106,862,067 ETH 17,812,537 BTC Price in BTC 0.0236265 NA BTC – ETH Price Comparison: Here is a comparison of both the cryptos, how they performed over a period of 25-days. On June 17, Bitcoin (BTC) was trading at 9137.37 USD while Ethereum (ETH) was around 269.93 USD. Both coins have made upward movement from those levels and are trading with a hike of 27.39% and 1.79% respectively. However, Ethereum has gone down in weekly chart by a slight margin of 3.69% from the trading price of 285.39 USD on July 05. During the same duration, however, Bitcoin (BTC) has gone up by 4.18% from the level of 11147 USD. BTC – ETH Price Prediction: After 2-3 days of negativity, both the coins have again come back in the green zone. As of now, we will stick to our earlier prediction of Ethereum (ETH) to be trading somewhere near $500 and Bitcoin (BTC) to be around $15,000. At present, there is a support for Ethereum, at 259.85 USD and immediate resistance at 283.78 USD. For Bitcoin (BTC), the immediate resistance is at 11,949.21 USD and support level at 10,963.51 USD. Conclusion: The recent comment by US President can be a good, as well as bad, news for the crypto space. However, one thing is sure that cryptos are breaking into the mainstream. As far as Bitcoin and Ethereum prediction, are concerned, both the coins will move up from here, and one should expect a good return in the long term. Ethereum (ETH) News