Bitcoin SV (BSV) Exhibits Slight Uptrend During the Intraday Movement

Bitcoin SV is moving quite hastily from the past few days. The coin was seen trading with upside movement during the beginning of the month. The BSV price eventually fell due to the heavy market pressure. Yesterday, the BSV coin was seen dealing at a high of $136.83 and a low of $129.69. The volume marked as $672,594,575. Bitcoin SV Price Prediction: Yesterday, Bitcoin SV started the day at $129.96. The price escalated to $136.22 by 4.81% hike. The price remained at the same level for some time but later dropped to $131.30. Then, the BSV price moved up to $141 by 6.98%. After such hike, the coin moved to $135.36, with an overall progression of 4.21%. Today, Bitcoin SV started falling from the beginning of the day. Currently, the currency is trading at $132.53. So, you can click here and visit our post to know more about BSV price fluctuation in the future. BSV Chart By TradingVIew BSV coin holds a lot of expectations of the traders. The currency was highly recommended for traders looking for considerable returns. For intraday traders, the rest of the day might remain moderate. The coin is not spotted, making much change till the time of writing the article. The price movement is pointing towards a loss. Bitcoin SV would find immediate support around $130. Resistance Level Price R1 $137 R2 $140 R3 $144 Support Level Price S1 $130 S2 $126 S3 $120 Bitcoin SV (BSV) News