Bitcoin Mixer- Making Anonymity Your New Safety-Net Against Online Threats and Risks of Privacy

Is your online privacy and anonymity important to you? Do online information-collecting sites annoy you and make you worry about your right to privacy? Want to stay all hushed up while you buy anything online? The answer to these questions and the desire for anonymity is ‘Bitcoin Mixer.’ It is basically a service that mixes up the funds of person A, and in return gives him a new set of Bitcoins. The quality of the Bitcoin Mixer depends on how well the information of a person is blurred and confused up so that it almost becomes intractable. Understanding Bitcoin Mixer- Higher the levels of anonymity the service offers, better it is considered. Exactly, here comes the role of Bitcoin Mixer, as it does the job really well. You can do such with Bitcoin Mixer. Here are a few things you can make use of with the help of this service- Not only can you use it for online shopping, but it can also be used for p2p payments as well as for making donations. Bitcoin Mixer allows the users to safeguard any details about the user’s sensitive information such as income, or wallet address, or any other related information. The anonymity which Bitcoin Mixer offers can be considered as a layer of protection against hackers. After all, hacking depends on leakage of customer’s sensitive information. Hacking is one of the major concerns of the modern age. With such a simple solution to the issue of hacking, Bitcoin Mixer is a very strong and efficient solution. What is the fee? Bitcoin Mixer charges a random commission that ranges from 2 to 5 percent for every transaction that takes place. Is the customer’s information safe with Bitcoin Mixer? It is a common concern that if the user is relying on Bitcoin Mixer to make it ambiguous, is the sensitive information safe with this platform? Well, the answer to this question is pretty straightforward and simple. The Bitcoin Mixer does not stores up any customer information, neither any details about their transaction. So, if anyone asks for the details of any transaction, Bitcoin Mixer can’t give out details. Also, if any hacker decides to hack Bitcoin Mixer, the hacker has to return empty-handed. What if any transaction stays incomplete? Sometimes it happens that due to a certain set of conditions, the transaction if left incomplete. In such a case, to resume from that very point, the customer can benefit from the Bitcoin Traders’ feature of storing up information for the incomplete transactions. One should take note that all the BTC based transactions that were made with the help of minimum miner fees can take three days to process fully. What about the other sensitive information of the user? Bitcoin Mixer does not collect personal information of the customer. Here are a few pointers to note down- The email IDs that the customer shares in the contract form, are once used for opening up the account. After opening up, within the time frame of 24 hours, the email IDs are deleted. No information regarding sending or receiving the Bitcoin through Bitcoin Mixer can be provided. Once any transaction gets completed, the service doesn’t store any related information about the transaction. No human involvement- Bitcoin Mixer does not depend on human input or any kind of human assistance. The moment any Bitcoin mixing is completed, all the relevant information is removed for good. Since there is no human involvement, the rate of accuracy, efficiency, and precision get improved many folds, and the scope of human error becomes very less. Other services offered by Bitcoin Mixer- Bitcoin Mixer also offered ‘Ethereum (ETH) mixer.’ Its structure is very similar to Bitcoin Mixer, and the only difference is that it is used for Ethereum ETH and is used for Ether transactions. It makes detecting Ethereum addresses almost impossible. It charges a commission of 2 to 5 percent per transaction. Like Bitcoin Mixer, it also respects users’ privacy and does not store any sensitive information. Like Bitcoin Mixer, the ETH Mixer is also an automated service which does not involve any human hand. Bitcoin since its commencement has never failed to surprise us and to take the crypto market towards newer growths. The amazing crypto coin, the world’s largest coin too has its own flaws. It lacks in offering absolute privacy to its user’s transactions and therefore, fails to offer anonymity. This is the very reason why Bitcoin Mixer can help you achieve privacy, safety, and anonymity. And this unique service makes Bitcoin Mixer a much sought out service in today’s time. Cybersecurity