Bitcoin Cash Price Remains at $300 Despite 2% Devaluation

Bitcoin Cash is one of the major coins of the market and like all other coins; it also faced volatility over the last 24 hours. However, the loss of almost 2% could not push the coin below $300. The coin has shown four major price swings in this period and the medium-term outlook of the BCH coin may get bullish. Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis & Predictions Bitcoin Cash got pushed from $310.92 to $303.46 between 01:20 UTC and 09:30 UTC. This is a fall of 2.40%. The next swing happened between 09:47 UTC and 19:36 UTC and this swing of 2.80% cost the coin $8.61 and placed BCH price at $298.65. It was followed by a hike of 2.71% and this hike helped the Bitcoin Cash to reach $306.71 by 00:14 UTC today. The last one is a price drop of 1.70% and it pushed the BCH Value to $301.47 as per the latest data. BCH to USD Price Chart Bitcoin Cash Chart by TradingView Bitcoin Cash has been able to sustain its price around $300 despite a 2% cut in the last 24 hours. As per the BCH Predictions, the next significant resistance is likely to come at $309.51. And the medium-term outlook for Bitcoin Cash is expected to be bullish. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Resistance & Support Levels 1st Resistance $309.51 2nd Resistance $314.89 3rd Resistance $319.13 1st Support Level $299.89 2nd Support Level $295.65 3rd Support Level $290.27 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) News