Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH Stable At $335, How Long Will It Take To Instigate A Price Rally?

The price of BCH was $415.8 on 8-July-18 at 10:00 UTC. The performance of the coin was quite good with prices remaining stable until 10-July-19. With two sharp falls, the price of the coin fell as low as $317.2 on 11-July-19 at 03:30 UTC. It did manage to rise upwards but only for a short term as price of the coin fell again to its lowest value of $271.5 on 15-July-19 at 04:00 UTC. From 24-July-19 the coin seems to have picked up the pace and started to gradually rise upwards. Current statistics of Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin Cash is ranked at 4th position in the crypto market. Market value of Bitcoin Cash was 6,033,144,602 USD at 07:34 UTC. BCH price is $335.2 at 07:50 UTC time. 24-hour volume figures are $1,215,655,177. 17,935,650 BCH coins are being circulated at present. ROI of BCH stands at -39.53%. BCH performance over the past one month is as below: BCH Price Chart by TradingView BCH Price Analysis and Future Predictions: If we compare the current Bitcoin Cash price with its lowest price of $271.5 in the said time frame, BCH indicates a bullish trend by 23%. We anticipate that the same trend may continue for the coin and it can reach $337 by tomorrow. It is expected to trade in the range of $337 and $340 in this month. To Know more about Bitcoin Cash Prediction, you can check the CryptoNewsZ forecast page to learn about the Bitcoin Cash price trend, its future price & market value. BCH can reach close to $550 by the end of this year. The Chaikin Money Flow indicator points out that the present movement of the coin is bearish. Conclusion: Experts advise going short with the BCH investment today as per the present trend. However, we strongly believe that BCH has bounced back well and has provided 23% growth since the past 15 days; hence the coin will manage to rise upwards with prices reaching $337 by tomorrow. BCH can offer huge returns if being traded with a long-term perspective; short-term goals may not be fruitful for the coin. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) News