Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Seems Unaffected by the Grim Market; Grows 1.68%

Bitcoin Cash gains 1.68% and reaches 318 USD in the last 24 hours. The next resistance may hit at 325 USD. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has fetched a 1.68% hike in the last 24 hours, and this happened for the 2nd day in the row, BCH has been on a roll in such a market condition. The current value is nearing 320 USD. Bitcoin Cash has been through four phases of price changes in the last day. Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis Between 00:18 UTC and 03:05 UTC, Bitcoin Cash to USD took a dip of 5.68% and lost 18.37 USD to reach 305.29 USD. It was followed by a hike of 4.02% and by 16:31 UTC, it gained 12.29 USD to be placed at 317.58 USD. The third swing was also a hike of 2.37% and it pushed the value to 325.10 USD, the highest point for the day. This hike had a break at 322.50 USD. Later, BCH took a blow and lost 2.40% to touch 317 USD by 02:54 UTC. Bitcoin Cash Price Chart by TradingView Despite big falls in the price of major coins of the market, Bitcoin Cash has maintained its value above 315 USD. For further details, just go and check out the Bitcoin Cash Price Forecast page now, as here you will gain complete knowledge about BCH that is likely to continue its gradual growth and the next resistance may come at 328 USD. Resistance and Support Levels  R1- $328.9133333, R2- $334.1266667, R3- $343.6233333 S1- $314.2033333,    S2-$304.7066667, S3- $299.4933333 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) News