Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Descends to $291; Awaits a Price Recovery

Bitcoin Cash price is battling with the bear from the opening hours. The loss in the price was voluptuous. However, the BCH coin is now seen recovering from the heavy price drop. The speculations are that the coin would keep the upsurge intact and bring a flourishing future. Yesterday, BCH was seen touching a high at $303.13 and a low at $288.73. The volume was at $2,598,715,593. Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: Yesterday, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) started dealing at $293.3693. The price escalated to $304.0419 by 3.62%. The Bitcoin Cash value couldn’t hold itself and fell to $293.9572 by 3.32%. Further, the price fell to $283.8272 by 4.33% drop. Towards the end of the day, there was a slight recovery that brought the price up to $289 by 2.01%. Today, Bitcoin Cash opened at $289.5253 and escalated to $291.4247 by 0.66%. Bitcoin Cash Chart by TradingView BCH price is slowly moving up. It is likely to cross its immediate resistance level at $302. There is a strong possibility that Bitcoin Cash would violate the next level at $312.59. The entire market has started recovering. The intraday traders are likely to close the day with profits. Resistance Level Price R1 $302.65 R2 $312.59 R3 $322.05 Support Level Price S1 $283.25 S2 $273.79 S2 $263.85 BCH Predictions for the future, it is expected that the price of BCH will increase in upcoming years. The traders who have invested in Bitcoin Cash must be aware of the movement in the coin. The result-giving coin would go best with long-term investment. The short-term might turn our risky. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) News