Binance’s Trust Wallet App Launch their Own DeFi Platform

Trust Wallet announced its latest creation, the Trust Platform. Trust Wallet is a virtual currency wallet backed by Binance. It is an app where different cryptocurrencies can be stored. By using the Trust Platform, users can handle their virtual tokens without the assistance of any human; all the intermediate levels have been annulled with this single platform. Users additionally get the advantage of staking digital currencies and take part in the blockchain network; this is also a way in which users can earn interest on their digital assets. Although the staking option is now limited to only Cosmos (ATOM) and Tron (TRX), no other tokens can be staked at the moment. True Wallet has also stated that Tezos (XTZ) will be available on the platform from October 24, which will be followed by the launch of Waves (WAVES), IoTeX (IOTX), and incorporation with Compound. In the future, there are plans to make the Trust platform compatible with other hardware wallets. It aims to become an international staking and DeFi platform that is compatible with all the blockchains and devices. The team of developers is constantly working on refining the code to make the app as user-friendly as possible; it is also constantly striving to enhance the security features of the app. Since it is an open-source code, developers are encouraging the community to explore, collaborate it with their own code and add innovative functionalities to it. Founder Viktor Radchenko recently said that Trust Platform will provide users easy access to decentralized finance on any blockchain and provide developers all the necessary tools to build integrations on top of it to integrate more services like WalletConnect or support for different software and hardware wallets. Trust Platform will give anyone access to a new Decentralized Financial System without central control. DeFi News