Binance Coin To Hit Russian And Ukrainian Shores, Kuna Exchange Introduces BNB Pairs

Ukrainian crypto trading platform Kuna Exchange has announced the introduction of Binance Coin (BNB) in Russia and Ukraine. The token will be available with trading pairs like BNB/RUB, and BNB/UAH. This will probably be Binance Coin’s first stint in the Eastern Powerhouse, which also happens to be an emerging market for the crypto trade. The Russians have been open to crypto more than the US, China, or India. The Russian government is all set to launch its own cryptocurrency, focused at global trade, in order to bypass the sanctions imposed by Washington. Binance Chain itself has been trying to diversify its user base and services to cover as much ground as possible. The hostility from the regulators in the United States has forced crypto companies to look elsewhere to fulfil the gap in demand, and Russia could just be the answer. US sees cryptocurrencies as a potential threat to its global dominance, both, politically and economically, and Russia empowering its crypto base despite global outcry is a testimony to the fact. Nonetheless, if the SEC grants permission to crypto business in a controlled and regulated environment, the US could still be the most preferred market place for crypto. Kuna Exchange is a Ukraine based cryptocurrency exchange, which allows crypto users to deposit and withdraw funds in their local currencies. Regarding the benefits of adding BNB, the exchange states on its website, “The BNB token is created on its own Binance blockchain, which is 200 times faster than the ether and 1000 times faster than bitcoin.” Binance Coin (BNB) News