Binance App Gets Listed On Apple Store, CEO Says Was Very Difficult To Get It Done

Binance has made Apple users rejoice, as it launched the highly anticipated iOS application on Friday. The app is now open for general users and seems to be working fine. However, the process of getting listed on iOS wasn’t as easy as it sounds, at least according to CEO Changpeng Zhao. In a tweet, CZ, as he is popularly known, stated that getting listed on the Apple store was tougher than getting listed on Binance. Being an application, he added, they had to work hard and follow strict rules. Binance ecosystem is the most formidable at the moment, with products to cater to all types of customers. They have a centralized exchange called Binance Exchange, a decentralized exchange called Binance DEX, an application each for android and iOS, a native token called Binance Coin (BNB), a blockchain start-up incubation labs known as Binance Labs, and so on. All of these factors make it an almost infallible network; however, recently, there have been instances which Binance needs to worry about if they want to continue being on iOS. For instance, Binance Exchange suffered a cyberattack a couple of months ago, which resulted in a loss of over $45 million. Though the SAFU fund covered the loss, it would result in strike down if similar instance happens in the iOS app. Also, Binance Jersey’s Twitter account was hacked on Friday, which resulted in a lot of embarrassment for the network. Nonetheless, the introduction of the iOS app will certainly help Binance to expand its user base and target those potential customers, for whom privacy was a big concern. iOS, being commended for its privacy and security, might allow these users to trust the crypto industry. Seconding CZ’s views on the difficulty for getting listed on App Store, Steve Wei, CEO of TOP Network said, Apple is actually one of the most difficult challenge for the crypto industry. Yesterday , our wallet app for TOP Network was finally approved after several weeks of communications with Apple. I have dealt with Apple for over 8 years. For certain types of apps, it is difficult. Binance Exchange News