Basic Attention Token (BAT) Empowers Advertising Through Blockchain; Grows Consistently in Capital & Curiosity

Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla, introduced Basic Attention Token (BAT) as a decentralized open source blockchain based platform to revolutionize digital advertising by generating the highest return on advertisements through on point customer targeting and fully transparent process. The main aim of the project is to create a seamless experience for the users. It also allows brands to target the right messaging by studying patterns and interests of the customer.  Basic Attention Token (BAT) is built on the Ethereum Platform and has invited funding from Propel Venture, Danhua Capital and Pantera Capital among others. The coin can be exchanged between users, advertisers, and publishers and uses a customized browser called Brave to provide accurate advertisement services ensuring complete data privacy to the users. Current Statistics The one-of-its-kind crypto promises marketers around the globe huge returns on their marketing investments and is solving real-world problems. As on April 22, 2019, at 10:19:03 UTC, the price of BAT is trading at USD 0.41 & 0.00007791 BTC. The 24 h volume is $161, 746,697 USD and the market cap has reached USD 512,930,747. The circulating supply has been 1,249,941,615 BAT, and the ROI is 150.09%. The coin is currently ranked 22nd in the top 100 cryptocurrencies by the CoinMarketCap, is all set to cross the top 20 marks through its progressive & focused approach. Comparison If we look at the graph, it reflects a consistent growth curve.  As on March 25, 2019 at 06:49:03 UTC, the market cap was recorded at $259,077,150 USD, the price was trading at &0.21 USD & 0.00005183 BTC and 24 h volume was $24,588,977 USD. The phenomenal uptrend of over 95% will continue further in the coming quarters. The price has reached as high as USD 0.49 in the past 7 days and has dipped to USD 0.29. The 24 hour high was recorded at USD 0.49 and low at USD 0.41. This consistent surge will be followed by a sudden rise in the prices owing to increasing interest from key investors. Prediction The year 2019 started with a bang as Brave Software partnered with Cheddar, a leading news company, providing a 3- month premium subscription to the Brave users.  The Basic Attention Token (BAT) had also partnered with the TAP network allowing users to redeem their BAT coins under the network. Through this, it got access to over 250,000 brands on the likes of Apple, Amazon, Starbucks and Red Bull. Coinbase’ addition of the crypto in its Earn programme by rewarding a BAT to the user for passing courses adds up to increasing acceptance. The current roadmap proposes the inclusion of ads from publishers & users which will be the key growth driver in the journey ahead. According to BAT Forecast, the price can be expected to hover between USD 0.8 – USD 0.9 by the end of 2019 and has the potential to reach over USD 2 in the next 2 years if it continues to maintain its market dominance. Basic Attention Token (BAT)