Basic Attention Token (BAT) Continues to Gain Followers after the Latest Partnerships

By teaming up with a blockchain advertising unit, the Tap Network, the famous BAT crypto-coin team has realized the dream of redeeming their tokens in return for rewards for over 250k brands with giants like Uber, Apple, and Starbucks. The Basic Attention Token works through a token transfer transaction through the Ethereum blockchain. It made its entry into the cryptocurrency industry with a goal of the ongoing advertising and marketing problems that the industry deals with on a daily basis. Since the Token has been involved in the market for quite a long time no, it cannot turn a blind eye to the exposure to different investors and traders. The Basic Attention Token has adopted the strategy of improving the effectiveness of digital advertising by making a new token that could be swapped among advertisers, users, and publishers. Ethereum blockchain is the place where this unfolds. BAT has a primary objective of improving advertising and marketing efficiency. The digital token is also used to track down tracker, middlemen, and fraud. Besides, several projects of a similar aim are being developed every day. Apart from these, users complain about a steady rise in mobile data expense where the advertisements incur more than half of it. The mentioned partnership was announced during the Mobile World Congress on February 26th, 2019. CEO of Brave Software – Brendan Eich said, “We’re excited to welcome TAP Network as a partner for our ad platform that’s built completely on privacy, and together, reward users for their attention while opening doors for brands that are looking to connect ethically with new audiences.” The cryptocurrency market has shown signs of stagnation in recent days with the rise and fall of prices of the token in the market causing huge shifts in the market. Tron [TRX,] which occupied the ninth rank, slumped back to tenth. Meanwhile, Binance Coin [BNB] replaced the former at the ninth position. Basic Attention Token [BAT] rode was at the lead for a few past weeks as the adoption of token showed a big rise in number. The partnership mentioned above is said to be : “The first to integrate token utility redemption through the Brave browser as part of its global private ad platform.” OogieFrenchieBoogie, a Redditor, commented: “The implication of this partnership: Once this is live, you will earn BAT by browsing the web using the Brave browser, and you will pay your hotel room, train ticket or restaurant bill from the TAP network with the BAT acquired by your web browsing activities. That’s like the /r/beer money dream.” BAT  was rated at $0.1817 along with a market cap $225 million. It registered a trading volume of $20 million over the period of 24-hours with an 11.57%  growth rate. Basic Attention Token (BAT)