Aurora (AOA) Price Analysis : Is Aurorachain A Good Investment?

Aurorachain (AOA) is a smart contract platform that aims to apply DPOS+BFT consensus mechanism for enabling lightning speed contracts for facilitating fast linked operations. This platform is intended to give a blockchain ecosystem that can promote a high TPS structure with apt security options. Current status of AOA Aurora is currently getting traded at USD 0.012779 (UTC time 08:02). It is the 55th largest cryptocurrency in terms of its market cap. It has a circulating supply of 6,542,330,148 AOA worth of USD 83,604,600. Its value has been deterred by -21.17% today compared to its yesterday’s price. It is currently on a bearish trend. Price analysis of AOA on the basis of Aurora charts The above chart shows that at present AOA is getting traded at 0.012746 USD or 0.00000329 BTC (UTC time 08:05). Its present market cap has a trading value of 83,389,191 USD with 2,917,877 USD as its 24h volume. The same chart shows that approx. One month earlier, AOA had a price point of 0.007432 USD. Contrasting these two price points, it is evident that the value of AOA has been increased by 71.50% in this approx. One month period and its previous trading value of 0.007098 USD has provided a good support resistance. Future price predictions of AOA This is one of the top 100 crypto coins in the market which has a high probability of growth in the upcoming future. According to the analysts, this coin can reach up to $0.0132 by the end of this year. In five years, it can be valued at $0.0258. According to the prediction of Binance Coin, in 1 year, its value can reach to $0.01321, in 3 years, it can be trading at $0.2582 and in 5 years, it can trade at approx. $0.05021. Conclusion Aurora has opportunities to prove itself. It has experienced team of analysts, developers and researchers who are putting their endeavor to fulfill their target. If AOA appears to be promising in the upcoming future, then, its value will obviously rise, and it can be considered as a long term investment option. But, now, it is better to wait until it attains stability in its prices as the crypto market is highly volatile now. Cryptocurrency News