Apple Music To be Integrated into Porsche’s Electric Car Taycan

Over the past few years, electric cars have become a hugely popular product in many countries across the world and rightly so. However, the manufacturers of electric cars have also become far more varied, and even mainstream car manufacturers have started making them now. One of the biggest companies to have got into electric car manufacturing is Porsche, and the all-electric model it is about to launch is known as the Taycan. As is the case with any Porsche cars, it is going to be a high-end vehicle, and today, the company made an important announcement. It stated that the Taycan is going to be equipped with Apple Music, and as of now, it is the only electric car in the market to be equipped with such a feature. In this regard it is important to note that Porsche is going to integrate the Apple CarPlay platform onto its cars, and it will make the central screen of the Taycan look like an iPhone screen. With time, Apple Music is also going to be integrated into the whole thing. Needless to say, it is a significant development and one that probably takes the Taycan to a whole new level altogether. The company stated that it wants to give all its customers the same level of services once it buys the car and it is clearly a move to make sure that it happens. The partnership will give Taycan owners access to Apple Music’s 50 million songs. At this point in time, an Apple Music subscription costs $9.99, and it remains one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. However, the advantages of owning a Taycan do not end there. A customer would not have to spend anything on data charges since Porsche is going to give all buyers free internet for in-car usage for the first three years. Klaus Zellmer, the Chief Executive Officer of Porsche spoke about the development at an event and stated that a tie-up between the two companies is only natural. He said, We don’t want our customers to be approached with marketing or advertising messages that are not relevant or adequate. We will always be very cautious about who we grant access to our digital ecosystem in our cars. He went on to say that Apple shares the same value with regards to outside vendors as Porsche, and hence it is the right fit. Apple