Apple Ends iTunes and Displays $12000 Mac at Worldwide Developers Conference

When an Apple event takes place, then it invariably becomes the biggest news story from the world of technology, and it was no different when it came to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference held yesterday. However, the event was a landmark one for a variety of reasons and not least because the company took a stronger stand on users’ privacy during its keynote address. Longtime rivals like Facebook and Google have been beset with privacy issues, which is why Apple’s decision to dwell on the new users’ privacy tools looked like a particularly pointed aim at the fellow tech giants. In addition to that, Apple also announced the launch of a new personalized television App that was most definitely aimed at video streaming giant Netflix. On top of all that, the company also announced that its iconic iTunes product was being phased out. It was, without a doubt, a landmark announcement, considering the fact that iTunes had been one of Apple’s biggest money spinners around a decade or so ago. Apple also stated that they are working on ways to ensure that the iPad eventually becomes a much more effective alternative to the laptop in the long run. The Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook also stated that all the software in its devices are being moved forward and new operating systems for different Apple devices will be made available to consumers later on in 2019. However, the company continued in its approach to unveiling products that are going to be highly expensive compared to the rest of the market. A new Mac Pro desktop computer is going to cost $12,000 while a monitor stand for the same is going to be priced at $999. However, the announcements with regards to security and privacy remained the hot topic, and many believe that Apple is going to use that as the stepping stone for its next stage of growth. An analyst stated, There is little doubt the company sees its future anchored around security and privacy as a key differentiator but the event may be remembered as the day Apple unveiled a $12,000 Mac. Apple