Another Philanthropic Effort Lightens The Crypto Space As Dogecoin And Huobi Come Together To Help Dogs

Businesses grow, industries expand, and individuals become rich. But in the journey, many a time the society gains nothing from them. Most business sectors pay less or almost no attention to fulfill social obligations, which makes often dehumanizes businesses. Fortunately, the cryptocurrency industry has one of the open-hearted ones, and charity has been one of the priorities of big players. The reason for this could be the fact that most of the industry movers are very young, and they themselves come from humble backgrounds. Whatever the reason may be, it doesn’t matter until and unless the hungry are fed, the underprivileged are educated, or the homeless get shelter. Following industry standards, famous altcoin Dogecoin and Huobi brought smiles to many faces when they announced that the both have collaborated to raise funds for San Francisco based Grateful Dog Rescue, a canine rescue and shelter. Huobi, the US crypto exchange tweeted, Announcing the program, Huobi CEO Frank Fu said, “Dogecoin has become the darling of the cryptocurrency community with an impressive market cap that currently exceeds $350 million USD. We are excited to support projects that have such widespread appeal, and we will continue to aggressively expand our token variety.” Dogecoin was recently listed on Huobi crypto exchange, with BTC, ETH, USDT pairs. Since its launch about a week ago, Dogecoin has become one of the most traded tokens on the platform. However, check on Dogecoin Price Prediction and know the upcoming years’ price updates, so that you can invest in it by keeping an eye on its price movements. Commenting on the collaboration for helping the canine rescue center, Dogecoin Lead Developer, Max Keller said, “We are happy to celebrate the launch of Dogecoin on We’re especially pleased with their support of a good cause, which aligns with the Dogecoin community’s strong commitment to charity.” Grateful Dog Rescue is a dogs rescue organization, which also serves as a foster home for the rescued dogs until they find a forever home. The organization confirmed the news via twitter stating, Though charity for help canine initiatives is unique for the industry, crypto space has witnessed several charity programs promoting education. For instance, Ripple, the think-tank behind XRP donated a whopping $25 million to San Francisco State University earlier this month. One of the best initiatives which show how humane the crypto space is was the Lightning Torch initiative which aimed at providing financial assistance via Bitcoins to people stuck in regions of political turmoil. Days ago, the Lightning Torch reached its final destination, Venezuela, a country which has high hopes from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to pull it out of great recession. On April 11, Binance crypto CEO, Changpeng Zhao announced that the exchange’s philanthropic initiative, Binance Charity has received a donation worth over $510,000. These funds came from, an online market place for buying and selling crypto assets. The world needs many more initiatives and program to help those in need. Companies must adopt a sustainable approach of development so that the underprivileged get a fair chance of development too. Especially, the society as a whole needs to work together to fight cruelty towards animals. It’s always pleasing to see a wagging tail. Dogecoin News