Aldi: A New Giant in American Supermarket World

We recently saw how Amazon and Walmart, two huge retail giants, became a part of fierce business competition. Not only these two but in today’s time, a whole lot of big firms are active players in the cut-throat competition of the retail market. In the last few years, these supermarket or retail chains are finding it not so easy to pull the customers to the shops, due to the e-commerce market, where one can shop anything with just a click. Due to this, especially in the US market, it can cost you tremendous efforts to establish a successful supermarket chain. While Walmart has been a king of its game in the retail world, Aldi- a German grocery chain is aggressively winning the customers with more and more expansion these days. It has proved to be so good that Walmart’s US CEO Greg Foran, used words like “fierce,” “good” and “clever” in regard to Aldi. Aldi is basically a ‘no-frills discount grocery.’ The way Aldi has emerged in the US market, it has paved the way for itself and reshaped the industry to quite a high level. Walmart, the retail behemoth, was largely popular due to its luring low prices. Now, Aldi has beaten even Walmart when it comes to prices, by offering rock-bottom prices. With such cheap prices, Aldi attracts a large number of people, when it makes an entry in a city. Apart from low prices, what differs Aldi from the rest? As a customer, what one might experience here is a bit of inconvenience as compared to other grocery stores. Here, Plastic and paper bags both are not free of cost. Also, customers might have to hurry at the cash register. Aldi’s Journey Surprisingly, Aldi was originated in a German suburb as a small shop by two brothers. Later it was expanded in over 12 stores. In 1961, the brothers renamed it to ‘Aldi’ from ‘Albrecht’s Discount.’ At present, Aldi runs 1,800 stores in 35 states. Now, Aldi holds around $26.0 billion as its estimated Net Worth. It further plans to expand in the Midwest, the Mid-Atlantic, Florida and California. If Aldi continues in the same way, soon it will be considered as the third largest supermarket chain in America. Finance News