Aeternity Ventures Opens Application for Starfleet Accelerator Program 2019

The investment branch of blockchain platform aeternity, Aeterinity ventures, has started calling for applications for a new round of Starfleet Accelerator Program, according to a press release last week. The first Accelerator Program started in June 2018 was a mega success following which the company had invested more than $1 Million in different startups. Aeternity Starfleet is as a “series of incubator and accelerator programs” set to contribute new and innovative technologies to the current network. The program is an attempt to create an environment of “innovators, investors and industry experts” who would be united under a common interest of fortifying the smart contract system made by aeternity. “The blockchain sector is still in its infancy and ripe for development but, without the right support, brilliant ideas may never come to life. By opening the application process for Starfleet Accelerator 2019, we’re calling on the next-generation of blockchain innovators to step forward,” said Nikola Stojanow, the CEO of aeternity Ventures, explaining the inspiration behind such a program. The application for the program will conclude on Feb 17, and the program will start for the selected applicants from March 11, 2019. The startups who are participating in the program will have access to support and mentorship from leading blockchain experts. The teams will be mentored in different fields, like media relations, pitching to investors, tooling, blockchain infrastructure, aeternity apps architecture, token economics, and business model. The mentorship program for the selected participants will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Stojanow said – “Last year, we were delighted to select nine cutting-edge projects for investment, which we believe have the potential to revolutionize a variety of sectors. As these projects continue to flourish this year, Starfleet Accelerator welcomes a new wave of participants from all over the world that share our vision for a future built on powerful, user-friendly decentralized applications.” The most promising startups will be selected for the next round called the Acceleration Stage which is a four-week program of mentorships and further rigorous training. When the program concludes, selected teams will be asked to present their projects to an audience of investors, thought leaders, media, and the global community of æternity. The startups will also receive funding of up to $100,000 in AE tokens or services. They shall also be called upon to build their products on the æternity blockchain. Aeternity is an open-source, decentralized apps platform, founded in 2016, which utilizes Blockchain 3.0, the next generation, highly scalable, public blockchain technology. Its off-chain smart contracts use real-world and real-time data by interacting with built-in oracles. Blockchain News