4 Big News In a Row; John McAfee Tweets About the New Releases

A couple of months back, John McAfee, the well-known crypto advocate, and computer programmer, announced that he is working on launching a new privacy coin GHOST. McAfee made a tweet in the month of April that GHOST will be supported by the proof-of-stake algorithm, along with this GHOST will also be tradeable with leading cryptocurrencies through atomic swaps available on the McAfeeDex decentralized exchange. With the launch of GHOST, McAfee is primarily aiming towards working to improve the token privacy game. According to McAfee, it is almost close to impossible to track the transactions made with GHOST. Through a series of tweets, McAfee announced some major releases today, i.e., June, 11,2020. He first announced the GHOST Cell phone data service, which is scheduled for the September release. He claims in the tweet that this feature will keep your phone untraceable and keeps the user identity anonymous. The feature works with the eSIM enabled smartphones. With another tweet further, he mentions the launch of the $GHOST Whitepaper. The Whitepaper comprise of everything one needs to know about the GHOST project. The document is a brief overview of the origin of the bitcoin and its mechanism. It further talks about the current solutions that are recently brought to the market. Along with this, it also talks about how these solutions will be further working and enhanced ultimately. Making another tweet, McAfee mentioned that the Ghost Cell Phone Data Service details would be released in a couple of hours. He further announces the release of GHOSTX, an atomic swap exchange that will allow users to swap between GHOST, ETH, DAI, BTC, and ESH. According to the tweet, GHOSTX is scheduled to release by June 20, 2020. Currently, Ghost is aiming to successfully adapt in this rapidly growing market place with new challenges. The features mentioned in the Whitepaper about the Ghost has by far talked about just the beginning. The launch of GHOST has completed the McAfee project’s circle to build and develop a decentralized exchange. GHOST is bringing the plan of financial independence into action. John McAfee News